This is a IPFS gateway to allow anybody to access IPFS content without
needing to install IPFS themselves.

To do so you will need the IPFS hash/domain and need type in the URL:"IPFS HASH GOES HERE"

or for IPNS you can do"IPNS ADDRESS GOES HERE"

For more information see:

I will never under any circumstances log IP addresses or any other
identifiable information such as user agents of those who are using this
gateway. I have disabled all logs in NGINX to avoid this. If you still
feel as if you can't trust me you can also use the onion/i2p version of this

Tor: http://ayc5dicdpojbcmvqokyqcfajopwccnnzyb6k22weribbwslupcgsgcid.onion

I2P: http://go2qic74y4zzvrxj6expuixurizc2ybwlbldcckqpnxoaxsmbtjq.b32.i2p

I will only block content that is either illegal for me to host and/or
could cause problems for my hosting provider.

Legal stuff & Abuse contact

This statement is taken and slightly modified from the IPFS docs.

Users of the this gateway are required to comply with all applicable
laws and regulations while using the gateway.

This gateway is not a data storage provider or website host. The gateway
allows users to view content hosted by third parties over which the
person hosting the gateway has no control over. The fact that certain
content is viewable through this gateway does not mean it is hosted by
the person hosting the gateway or that they can do anything to delete
that content.

As explained above, the gateway is not a website hosting provider or
data storage provider, and the hoster of the gateway cannot remove
material from the Internet that is accessible through the gateway. If
you believe that material accessible through the gateway is illegal or
violates your copyright, you are encouraged to directly notify whoever
is hosting or controls that data.

While the gateway does not serve as a host for data or websites, in
appropriate circumstances, I the hoster of the gateway can disable the
ability to view certain content via the gateway. This does not mean that
the data itself has been taken down from the network but rather that the
content is not viewable using this particular gateway. This also will
not impact the availability of the data through other gateways run by
other parties.

You can report abuse by emailing When appropriate, we
will disable access through the gateway to the specific content set
forth in your abuse report.

Kindly do not abuse the abuse contact information.